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Biz-Launch streamlines the process of getting a startup moved out of the realm the conceptual and into existence in the real world.

The lifecycle of a startup begins with the establishment of a business form, and moves through every critical step in the process. The Biz-Launch program covers every detail that must be managed correctly to make a new business viable, including funding the enterprise.

The roadmap for success for a new business.


LLC’s or S-Corp or LLP

Your business must be established in the correct form. Your ideas will dictate the best form for your enterprise, and we help create that form so that your ideas and innovations exist in the stream of commerce. Every idea needs a form that works in the real world, and the protections these business forms provide, whether an LLC, S-Corp or LLP.

Investor Agreements

Investors come in various shapes and sizes, and with different requirements associated with the financial commitment made. The investor agreements must be crafted to clearly and concisely outline the expectations and responsibilities of all parties.


You need funding — but how much, for how long, and with what projected outcomes? We work directly with private investors, VCs and other participants in new enterprises, and have long-established relationships with some of the best in the business. Take advantage of our connections, relationships and knowledge in funding a new enterprise.

Operating Agreements

Your business advances based upon the operating agreements that are in place. These are carefully crafted to match up with the projected activities of your startup.

NDA/Confidentiality Agreements

Any new idea can bring massive profits, or be lost through the lack of signed NDAs or Confidentiality Agreements. We do the heavy lifting so you can focus on what you do best.

What We Offer

open office hours

Nano Law’s Startup Launch program includes one to two hours of free consultation with our attorney to learn more about the business, in strategy and potential markets and profitability.

flex pricing

Flex-pricing options are available at a discounted rate for legal services that extend beyond the one to two hours included in the program.

Internal Code
A flex pricing option that may be workable for certain startups involves a mix of flat fee pricing and equity positions, negotiated on a case-by-case basis. Internal Code pricing is a viable option for startups with limited finances.

Equity Stake
Investors will seek an equity stake in your enterprise. Our program includes the development of a portfolio outlining the Accelerator-Exit plan for participants.

Relationships with VCs and Investors
We create relationships with VC’s and investors that are invaluable in creating a positive environment for startups seeking funding. Our relationships have been developed over years of involvement, and the added value cannot be underestimated.

Startup Ecosystem
Become part of the ecosystem of startup funding by connecting with the right people and groups. We operate within this rarified atmosphere on a daily basis, and have established powerful relationships that have proven to be highly beneficial in funding and advancing a new business from the idea phase into the real world.

funding your startup

Our streamlined launch program provides the connections, relationships and access to funding options that are vital for startups to advance at an accelerated rate.

The ESOP (Employee Stock Ownership Plan) you establish is a powerful incentive for attracting the most qualified specialists in various areas to assist in moving a startup to the next level.

Due Diligence
Our Due Diligence Package and Checklist provides the framework for interest and participation by qualified investors, VCs, and other participants in your enterprise.

Virtual Due Diligence
Our virtual due diligence program investigates issues such as revenue, accounting and policies.

PPM (Project and Portfolio Management) provides a formalized approach that orchestrates and prioritizes the actions of a project, covering aspects such as risk/reward, fund availability, project projections with regard to outcomes and other facets. The PPM outlines the critical path in organizing and utilizing capital and personnel resources.

We bring intelligence, strategic thinking, a wealth of experience, and impressive credentials to the table on your behalf.

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