Litigation and Dispute Resolution

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Business and Employment Litigation

Our business trial lawyers have the litigation experience and business acumen to take on your opposition with total confidence.

Whatever dispute threatens your business, and whether it is resolved through mediation, arbitration, or trial, our Pasadena business and employment litigation lawyers are not afraid to fight to protect your interests. Our accomplished trial attorneys are dedicated advocates with a history of positive results in difficult and high profile cases. We are business-minded, aggressive litigators with the ability to skillfully negotiate or litigate in a wide range of complex and technical business matters.

Pasadena Litigation and Dispute Resolution Attorney

Our team of trial lawyers at Nano Law has the business savvy and litigation experience to successfully resolve your business disputes. We handle a range of business litigation matters, including:


Breach of contract

When a party fails to perform as promised or breaches a fundamental term of a contract, it can negatively impact your business. Our Pasadena business litigation lawyers are ready to step in to pursue remedies available under the law for your business.

Partnership and shareholder disputes

Disputes among partners and shareholders can disrupt a business and hurt profits. We have the knowledge and experience to effectively handle these disputes when they arise.

Trade secret infringement

Trade secrets and intellectual property are among your company’s most valuable assets. Our team is ready to go to court if necessary and fight aggressively on your behalf to protect them.

Employment litigation

New state employment laws take effect in California in 2016. Our firm provides outstanding legal defense to employers in a range of employment litigation matters, including accusations of discrimination, harassment, retaliation, and wage and hour claims.

A Wealth of Knowledge in Business and Employment Litigation

Our business-minded litigators at Nano Law give clients a significant edge in business disputes.

The business and employment litigation attorneys with our firm are seasoned trial lawyers with impressive track records, and that is only one aspect of the value we bring to the table. In addition to extensive legal knowledge, we also have a depth of understanding of the challenges businesses face and the issues that impact their success.

One of our partners is a former business consultant for Ernst & Young with exceptional insight into real world business issues. We represent Fortune 500 companies facing litigation. Our business and employment litigation attorneys can draw on decades of experience and a wealth of business knowledge and legal skills to resolve your business disputes, in or out of court.

start-line: business formation

The right business entity is the foundation of the success of your new enterprise. Our legal team gives you the edge in the business of doing business. Let us advise you about business formation.

deal-making: strategy and engagement

Whether buying or selling, the negotiations associated with deal-making contracts should be managed by a top level legal professional. Our team goes above and beyond when serving in this capacity.

protecting your ip

We bring a depth of understanding of the issues that impact your business, along with impressive transactional and litigation legal skills. Our legal team is committed to the success of your enterprise.

on-demand general counsel

Entrepreneurs and business owners often need legal advice on an on-demand basis. We serve in this capacity for a range of businesses in the San Gabriel Valley and beyond, ready to take action whether in litigation, contractual issues, disputes, or in assistance in funding.

Litigation and Dispute Resolution

The outcome of a legal matter associated with a breach of contract, partnership dispute, intellectual property infringement or other problem could not be more critical. The quality of your litigator has everything to do with the final outcome.

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