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General Counsel Services

We provide the tailored general counsel services your startup needs, on demand, as you need us.

You’re lean — we’re lean. As an entrepreneur, you need legal advice, but a startup is not the venue for in-house legal counsel. We provide bespoke general counsel services to California businesses as the need arises, and you can have confidence that we will zealously and skillfully protect your interests.

General Counsel Services for California Entrepreneurs

As your startup engages with the marketplace, sound legal counsel and high-quality legal services can make all the difference in the success of your venture. You can rely on Nano Law for skilled and dedicated representation on demand in a range of business legal matters, including:


Entity and corporate formation

Function monitors form and the right business form is key to the success of your business. Let us guide you in your business formation.

Intellectual property and trade secret protection

Intellectual property (IP) and trade secrets give your business a strategic advantage, because they exclude others from using that property. Our team of dedicated legal professionals can help you protect you IP and trade secrets from infringement.

Contract drafting and review

At the heart of your business transactions are contracts. Our general counsel services include drafting and reviewing contracts to ensure that your interests are protected.

Employment law

A multitude of federal and state laws govern employment in California. If you have employees, you need sound legal guidance to help prevent employment issues from arising, and a dedicated advocate to take action in your defense if they do.

On-Demand General Counsel Services for California Businesses

Businesses go through life cycle phases, and the startup phase is not the right time to hire in-house general counsel. Your business has just been born, and you don’t want to burn through investment funds you have any faster than necessary. Nevertheless, you need legal guidance and services in various areas of the business, now more than ever.

Nano Law offers a solution to entrepreneurs with tailored general counsel services on demand. We care about the success of your startup, and we can assist you with your transactions and help you put protections in place that will prevent problems in the future. Call on us when you need a skilled and dedicated business lawyer for any aspect of your business in Southern California.

start-line: business formation

The right business entity is the foundation of the success of your new enterprise. Our legal team gives you the edge in the business of doing business. Let us advise you about business formation.

deal-making: strategy and engagement

Whether buying or selling, the negotiations associated with deal-making contracts should be managed by a top level legal professional. Our team goes above and beyond when serving in this capacity.

protecting your ip

We bring a depth of understanding of the issues that impact your business, along with impressive transactional and litigation legal skills. Our legal team is committed to the success of your enterprise.

on-demand general counsel

Entrepreneurs and business owners often need legal advice on an on-demand basis. We serve in this capacity for a range of businesses in the San Gabriel Valley and beyond, ready to take action whether in litigation, contractual issues, disputes, or in assistance in funding.

Litigation and Dispute Resolution

The outcome of a legal matter associated with a breach of contract, partnership dispute, intellectual property infringement or other problem could not be more critical. The quality of your litigator has everything to do with the final outcome.

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