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Life-Cycle Attorney

We can help you take your startup to the next level, and do it correctly to help prevent problems in the future.

Nano Law is not your typical business law firm. Our partners have a great deal of business acumen to bring to the table, as well as extensive legal knowledge and impressive litigation skills. From formation to transactions to litigation, our Pasadena business lawyers are committed to protecting your interests and providing the high-quality legal services your business needs to prosper.

Startup and Small Business Life-Cycle

Your business is changing over time, and you will need different legal services at each stage of development. From startup to exit, the life cycle stages of a business are:



Proper business formation, funding, and marketing are key in the startup phase. Our business-minded California attorneys are unfettered by conventional thinking and we have the insight and legal knowledge to help you through this critical phase.


Your business now has loyal customers and an established place in the market. Our business and employment lawyers are dedicated advocates to protect your company from IP and trade secrets infringements, breaches of contract, and employment law disputes.


Sales and profits are stable and competition is fierce. When the need arises, our business and employment litigation lawyers will fight aggressively for your interests, whether in mediation, arbitration, or trial.


Customers and revenues are increasing in the growth phase, and new issues, along with new opportunities, are arising. Our dedicated team can help you put legal protections in place to prevent problems from arising in this phase and in future.


This stage represents a period of growth into new distribution channels and markets. Mergers and acquisitions are common in the expansion stage, and our experienced transactional lawyers can provide outstanding representation every step of the way.


When you are ready to sell your business and cash out on the years of hard work, you need sound legal counsel and dedicated advocacy more than ever. You can rely on Nano Law for the skilled representation you need.

Startup and Small Business Life Cycle Lawyer in Pasadena

Our business lawyers at Nano Law are committed to helping entrepreneurs and small businesses succeed in Southern California.

Through every phase of your business life cycle, outstanding legal counsel and guidance are key to your success. Whether you are focused on formation and funding or dealing with IP protection, contract disputes, or employment law issues, our business lawyers can offer litigation and legal skills that go far beyond the ordinary business lawyer.

start-line: business formation

The right business entity is the foundation of the success of your new enterprise. Our legal team gives you the edge in the business of doing business. Let us advise you about business formation.

deal-making: strategy and engagement

Whether buying or selling, the negotiations associated with deal-making contracts should be managed by a top level legal professional. Our team goes above and beyond when serving in this capacity.

protecting your ip

We bring a depth of understanding of the issues that impact your business, along with impressive transactional and litigation legal skills. Our legal team is committed to the success of your enterprise.

on-demand general counsel

Entrepreneurs and business owners often need legal advice on an on-demand basis. We serve in this capacity for a range of businesses in the San Gabriel Valley and beyond, ready to take action whether in litigation, contractual issues, disputes, or in assistance in funding.

Litigation and Dispute Resolution

The outcome of a legal matter associated with a breach of contract, partnership dispute, intellectual property infringement or other problem could not be more critical. The quality of your litigator has everything to do with the final outcome.

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